EP16. Information Exchange and Transactions

Interrogation? Interrogation? Inquiry? Anyway, their questions to me continue.

"In the range of what you remember, can you tell me how the points are allocated?"

"Magic includes seven types of elemental magic: wind, earth, water, fire, light, holy, and dark. Skills involve six types of weapons: sword, axe, spear, bow, staff, and shield. And then there are plenty of abilities..."

I try to recall as much as I can... Yeah.

I take out a notepad and start jotting down whatever magic, skills, and abilities I can remember. Well, I actually don't remember any abilities at all.

For crafting, I remember something, but... my memory is fuzzy.


"Just as I thought."


"Yeah. I'll explain later. What about the allocation?"

Did I write something weird...? They can tell I'm not lying because of the blue light, right?

But there's something bothering me too. I don't know what it is, though.

"At each level, the points differ: Level 1 has 10, Level 2 has 20, Level 3 has 30, Level 4 has 50, Level 5 has 70, Level 6 has 90, Level 7 has 120, Level 8 has 150, Level 9 has 180, and Level 10 has 220 points. Firstly, I allocated 150 points to the second tier of my unique skill, 'Intuition.' Next, I chose magic—water, light, holy, and composite—at Level 1, and then skills—swordsmanship at Level 1, unarmed combat at Level 3, and crafting skills in alchemy, mixing, and granting at Level 1. Additionally, I selected the skill 'Blessing.'"

"Is that all?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes... Wait?"

Yeah, that's everything... I was double-checked to ensure there were no mistakes, but there aren't any. I double-checked my stats, and nothing seems to be missing. Everything I remember is only what I've learned since coming to this world.

"If your explanation is correct, even adding up all the points, it only comes to 270. Isn't that 30 points short?"

"Huh? Oh... but I'm sure I used up 300 points..."

Certainly... even if combined, it's only 150 + 120, totaling 270.

But I would never leave points unused. Unlike money, it's troublesome if you can't allocate them later, so I must have definitely allocated them...

I don't remember.

I must have allocated them to something, but I've forgotten it. It's a state where I can't recall. What could it be... What did I allocate them to? There must be something...

Huh? Come to think of it, why did I take 'Blessing'? It's different from the others, I don't remember taking it.

"Well, you see, we received a report from Leonis that they wouldn't accept any more foreigners. So, from yesterday at noon, they offered free adventurer registration for those outside the town who reported all their stats and skills. They also allowed for appraisal and confirmation of skills and abilities. However, some have special magic or skills that others don't possess."

"Um, weren't the conditions the same for everyone...?"

"If the young lady doesn't understand, how could we? However, it doesn't seem like the young lady is trying to deceive us."

"Yes, that's true..."

There's no lie. It would be troublesome to be distrusted for something like this. But I can't trust my own memory.

Not only do I not remember some of the points, but... I didn't refuse to go to the other world in the first place.

I should have had family or something, but I didn't feel like I wanted to see them or felt lonely... those feelings didn't come to mind. Even now... I can't recall the family that should have been there. And this mysterious headache.

"Is there something bothering you?"

"No... I don't even understand it myself anymore... why I decided to live in this world... I was supposed to be a grown adult, so things like life changes should have been bothersome... but somehow, I'm starting to feel really suspicious of myself..."

I don't understand myself.

What should I believe in... I've realized that I've lost sight of things.

In the first place, why did I even accept going to this world?

As the throbbing in my head intensifies, I struggle to think, and think... but no answers come.

"Are you going to live in this world?"

"Yes, that's right. I chose abilities to survive. Starting with 'Intuition,' which seems capable of sensing danger, I also chose unarmed combat to be able to fight even without weapons, considering the possibility of a dangerous world. By acquiring healing magic and water magic that can produce water at any time, I hoped to increase my chances of survival. Also, I thought it would be beneficial to have a trade to sustain myself day-to-day, so I chose alchemy and mixing. In a completely unfamiliar world, instinctively feeling unable to return to the original world... but I didn't want to die..."

Yes. There was a desire to live.

For some reason... even though I don't remember, I understand. I died in the previous world. I don't know why I died.

Rubbing my head... I reconsider the idea that I have to live here rather than in the previous world.

A little... the pain seems to have eased.

"Hmm. I see you've got some thoughts too. Well, from my perspective, you're the weirdest one."


"Yeah, that's right."

The two of them nod and look at me.

I don't remember doing anything that would be called strange, but maybe I'm different from the other foreigners.

I don't understand why they have to say such things.

"You don't need to be defensive. You're decent. You think for yourself and take responsibility for your actions. You're prepared to live in this world."

"...As an adult, I can't keep causing trouble. Doing what I can, earning money, and living—it's just normal."

"That's right. However, not everyone thinks that way. Some of them are dissatisfied, considering our offer of help 'too late' and believing that they're entitled to preferential treatment."


So... even though they accepted the foreigners as adventurers, instead of being grateful, they were angry. Maybe they're unaware of the trouble they cause, making it difficult to deal with them?

And maybe there's someone who caused problems from the first day... which is why they're considering taking action? They probably came to assess the situation since they know about me too...

"Miss, we also desire information about the foreigners. You seem trustworthy. Would you consider a deal?"

"Please tell me the conditions."

It doesn't seem like a bad deal... but even though they're asking for information about foreigners, I don't know much.

Still, I couldn't refuse to entertain the idea here.

What kind of deal could it be...?

Feeling a slight release from the chill, I gaze at the smiling young man, but all he does is smile back.

"Very well. My conditions are fourfold. First, do not lie to us. If there's something you can't disclose, simply say so. We won't use artifacts from now on, but false information would pose a problem. Second, you won't disclose yourself as a foreigner. This is also to protect you. It means you won't be able to use the privileges of a foreigner, but..."

"I don't mind."

"Good. Third, you won't move from the Adventurers' Guild to another guild. It would be inconvenient if you were to join the Apothecary Guild. Fourth, you'll become an ally of Joseph, the Guild Master of Marlestadt's Adventurers' Guild, and our collaborator here, Raz."

"...What exactly does 'collaborator' entail?"

"I'll tell you once the contract is made. Oh, and how about we prepare official records for you in this world as compensation for your collaboration? It'll serve as a different form of identification from that of a foreigner."

Collaborator. Joseph and Raz... no, let's call him Lord Raz. It's intriguing. They're separate contracts, right?

Not lying.

Well, I understand that it would be troublesome if there were lies mixed in the reports, and if it's acceptable not to disclose certain things, then that's fine. Continuous lying would damage trust. While there might be lies for the sake of smooth progress, it's more like a superior-subordinate relationship, so if there were lies in reports, it wouldn't work out.

Not identifying as a foreigner. That's fine.

In fact, it wouldn't be advantageous to disclose it under current circumstances. It's not like I consider foreigners equals or allies, so it doesn't matter. My well-being is what's important. But... there's a possibility that some already know, so I need to think a bit about my background and such.

Not moving from the Adventurers' Guild. That's fine too.

I have no complaints about being a member of the Adventurers' Guild. Today, I fought alone, and I could handle it just fine. Even though there were many monsters, I managed to deal with them properly, and I felt fine as long as I didn't act recklessly.

Alchemy is interesting, but when I hear about the prices of those materials... I think it's easier to procure them myself. It would be upsetting if I had adventurers fetch them for me and then couldn't use the materials... It's more stomach-friendly to gather them myself and be self-sufficient in concocting.

Becoming an ally.

I wonder what this will entail for me... It's scary that they won't tell me unless I agree to the contract.

But... looking at it the other way around, if I become an ally, there's a possibility they'll protect me too.

However... in the end, I can't refuse.

"...Understood. I'll agree to the contract. However, if I'm asked to kill someone or do something against humanitarian principles, I may not cooperate. What happens in that case?"

"Hmm. You're not a slave, so we can't force you to comply against your will, so don't worry about that. We cooperate with each other. The goal isn't to be hostile. Also, we won't ask you to do anything against humanitarian principles. Well, there may be requests for information exchange, and sometimes we may ask for your help in spreading information... but we'll explain everything clearly and seek your agreement before requesting cooperation. We'll also pay you accordingly each time."

"I don't have any requests for you at the moment. It wouldn't be efficient to force cooperation from someone who's unwilling. As for alchemy, I'd like you to hone your skills as Pamela's apprentice in the meantime~"

Alchemy, huh? Somehow, I feel like this is sincere. I've heard about her not having any apprentices, so it seems like they want me to inherit everything, including the recipes.

It aligns with my goals, so I'm not opposed to it. Being Pamela's apprentice... that seems to be significant. My master truly is an amazing person.

"I understand."

"Then, could you sign this paper and drip some blood on it?"


I usually read contracts carefully before signing, but here, I have no choice but to comply with the other party's conditions. I glanced over it and it seemed as explained, so I signed it.

There were two sheets, one for the contract with Joseph and another for the contract with Lord Raz, indicating that they were separate agreements. Additionally, aside from the four conditions, there was one more requirement: to become affiliated with the kingdom.

The contract stating that it couldn't be terminated without mutual agreement was intimidating. However, considering my safety in this world, it's an exceptionally good deal.

Our interests don't align... do they?

For now, it seems quite advantageous for me. It's suspicious that the party that approached me with the offer would be at a disadvantage, so there must be some benefit on their side that I'm not aware of.

However... it's inevitable that there are things I don't understand. Now that I've entered into the contract, I'll need to be careful not to damage trust.

"Sorry. Let me start by explaining from our side... There's a reason we've chosen you as our collaborator. ...But I can't discuss it yet, so let's get back to the topic of foreigners. First, through appraisal, we've confirmed that roughly 70% of the foreigners possess an ability called 'Divine Fortune' or 'Divine Destiny.' We've verbally confirmed this with them, but they themselves aren't aware of it."

"Divine Fortune... Divine Destiny... Those are unique skills, right?"

They were above mere luck, if I recall correctly.

I was curious because it was luck-related... but 'Divine Destiny' implies something about fate or destiny, which I wasn't interested in at all.

But for 70% of people to have it? That's unbelievable, isn't it?

From my perspective, it was more like hoping for better luck. But I can't imagine there are so many people who actively wish for better luck. To deliberately choose a mysterious unique skill like that... it doesn't make sense.

"Do you know what kind of ability it is?"

"No, as I mentioned before, there was no explanation at all about magic, skills, or abilities, including unique skills... I've been selecting abilities based on my own assumptions. And once chosen, they can't be undone... So I've been choosing without knowing the details. ...I remember that 'Divine Fortune' appeared on top of 'Divine Destiny,' but I didn't want to choose it."

"There are others besides you who don't have 'Divine Fortune.' What they have in common is recognition of 300P and unique skills. Those who have 'Divine Fortune' and 'Divine Destiny' remember allocating something, but they don't remember allocating specific points."

So... 70% of them have fuzzy memories?

When we arrived in this town, there were about 20 people, right? Even if the number has increased since then... let's say 30 people.

Among them, if we take 30%, that's only about 7 or 8 people who don't have any information?

"...You mean they don't remember?"

"Yes. It's not a matter of having a bad memory, but rather, there's no memory."

"...So it's like me not remembering 30 points?"

"That's right. There was no discomfort until it was pointed out, and even after, they don't remember."

"It's troublesome because it's not a lie. If anything, those who don't have 'Divine Fortune' are less willing to undergo appraisal."


If they know they don't have it, then they're undergoing appraisal, right? What's going on?

"What do you mean?"

"Appraisal provides detailed information if there's consent. However, even without consent, some information can be obtained based on differences in abilities."

"I underwent appraisal without consent first. Particularly, for abilities... unique skills."

The most important thing is the unique skills.

Probably... one can have several. If we take the guild leader's words, "If one can have multiple skills, they become a human weapon," literally, then it's not impossible to have multiple skills.

I confirmed that, but does it mean they have this mysterious skill, 'Divine Fortune'?

"...Um. Are unique skills considered important? What about skills and magic?"

"Well, yes. First of all, we've been investigating the abilities of the foreign nationals who are in custody. We've confirmed that they possess abilities, skills, and magic that are unbelievable for their initial level. High-level skills and magic at the initial level are threats, but unique skills, as you mentioned, are even more significant. And we can't let them know that they've been appraised beforehand. So we've been appraising them secretly. Of course, those who consent to the appraisal have their skills and magic confirmed in more detail... But according to what you said, you could choose your unique skills freely, right? So why are they all the same? That's puzzling."

Certainly, it's impossible to appraise everyone's status without being noticed.

Considering the possibility of refusal, focusing only on unique skills makes sense.

And there, it came to light that the majority possess this mysterious unique skill, 'Divine Destiny' or 'Divine Fortune.'

It's natural to be curious about its effects.

"So, did you confirm with those who have Divine Destiny and Divine Fortune to investigate their effects... but it's still unclear?"

"Well, yes... Do you have any idea at all, no matter how vague?"

Divine Destiny and Divine Fortune... Indeed, it's hard to believe that 70% of people would choose them voluntarily. If there's no information available... Unless there's some kind of mechanism in place when selecting stats to encourage choosing Divine Destiny and Divine Fortune. Although I don't remember anything specific...

"I'm sorry. I really can't think of anything."

"I see. Well, if anything comes to mind, please let us know. We've checked the allocated points based on the stats we've appraised, calculating the skills, magic, and abilities as points, assuming 10 points for level 1 and 220 points for level 10. However, the points they possess range from 100 to 300. It doesn't seem likely that everyone would have the same points."


Some people were deciding with consultation, so it's certain that not everyone has the same conditions. But I also seem to have forgotten what I allocated my points to. It's frustrating, but I can't remember where I put my points.

But I can understand the other party's argument... Maybe it's more plausible to think that the conditions aren't the same for everyone.

Is there something I'm overlooking?

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